Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sometimes a tshirt will do

Yeah there are those days where I just don't feel like dressing up at all
but either someone has pissed me off the day before or I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Either way, it makes me kinda apathetic to dressing up
but than if I throw on a plain jean and tank, I feel even worst because i'm a detailed collage person
so that's when I settle for a tshirt with a butt load of shit on it.
I love it
you can keep it simple but not be simple.
and since I'm really into urban gear right now
I likey.
Here are a shirt i thought would look good. and surprise surprise it's a guy's shirt. Is it just me or do guys just have way better tshirt designs than girls.


and I'm planning to try to imitate this guy one day
just go to school with a cool tee on a big ass glasses with a beanie.
I will take pics.


Scanner heaven

yay so i finally got my scanner to work on my new 3 in 1 printer
and first thing i scanned was some of my artwork
Anyways, here's some from my portfolio
I realize that it lacks some professionalism but that's the way I sketch and I'm trying hard
to improve. Any criticism or comments would be appreciated. ^^

it was inspired by one of my characters
Idoodle a whole lot more than I sketch
which is bad because I'm suppose to be expanding my portfolio.
Meet my lil friend: bwam.
and I just randomnly doodle sometimes, and stuff comes up like this guy I call freedom.
I think right now I'm into more urban gear than actually fashionable things. But my mood changes a lot so you never know.