Saturday, December 29, 2007

Clubbing is abs workout

So yesterday my best friend called me outta nowhere and asked me if I wanted to go clubbing with them at La Mirage in Artesia
so I was like hell yeah
cause i love clubbing
it's like abs workout if you don't like doing crunches. HAHa.
and while I was there I noticed that a lot of the girls were wearing really kute Shiresses
Shiresses are like pretty dressy tops that are long enough to be wore as a dress.
And I know that a lot of girls are known to dress really, ahem, slutty when going to the clubs
but my hat goes off to them, very well done girls.
and the shoes. OMG. how they danced in them, i will never know. but everything for the love of fashion. right?
Some dresses I saw at La Mirage. I think most of them shopped at Forever 21. I do too. ahha.

I like this shirdress a lot but make sure you buy it if it has a flowy fabric or one that breathes easily or else you'll be sweating your butt off.

Saw a lot of girls in this one. It's okay but it doesn't make me excited to wear it and you always need that when you buy something.I like how the top is but my muffin top just wont do on the bottom.Love it. Nice colors and leaves a lot to the imagination.

Well there you go.
A lot of girls I talk to don't like to go clubbing because they either don't think they can dance or thinks clubbing is for slutty girls but clubbing is as slutty as you think it is.
I love to dance and dress up to go clubbing with my girls

(me on the far right)
Shirdress: perfect for petites.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS and cocktail dresses

ahhh... you know what I love more than christmas.... dressing up during christmastime.
Since I love little cocktail dresses and dressing up and christmastime is one of those occasions where you can dress very cute and pretty.

Red, Black, and white are safe choices.

I read on some other fashion blog and I agree that you must wear heels during the holidays
because flats are just unacceptable. For example, I went to Christmas mass today and while I was standing in my clear heels with a cute cherry on the top ( I just had to mention that) I noticed this lovely lady in her 20s with a black dress on (cute) but it was just underplayed by the flats she was wearing which totally made her dress look more like a sundress than a sunday dress.
Yes. Lets be safe and wear heels during special occasions and holidays just to jazz a dress up.
Personally since I'm quite short, I wear heels every chance I get.
Here's some dresses that I saw that tickled my fancy and if I had it I would wear it......

My favorite color is white. (white is not really a color but...) so of course I love this dress. It's perfect for petite figures and shows some legs. MEOW.
Red's my second favorite. Gotta be careful with this one though cause it could make you look quite fat and short but sometimes a girl's gotta take a chance. Fashion isn't safe.

Black is on my list too, what can i say? it's a very safe color and it goes with everything. Love the simpleness of the dress. MEOW.

But I have to say... My favorite is always gonna be white and short....
I LOVE THIS DRESS>>>>>>>>> man if it wasn't so expensive

ahhhhh oh well
I should start saving up now

Monday, December 24, 2007

My obsession with clutter

Quote of the day:
Ahhh... So I live in a house with my sister and 3 other friends so there's 6 girls in the house total. And since we live together, they're bond to know interesting stuff about my habits. my friends are always complaining about how my room is really messy. It's not dirty
it's just really messy. Like I'll have random stuff everywhere. Okay. I admit I'm not an OCD when it comes to cleaning. (my house mate claims she is so one time she cleaned my room for me. ugh. Should I be happy or creeped out?)
So naturally I told them it's because I like collages, graffiti, and well basically anything messy.
Some things in my computer:

Me and my friend took the metrolink to LA and we came upon this wall down some random alley. The security guard took this picture for us. What a nice guy. Sorry the picture is so blurry. My camera sucks. I need to buy a new one.

I was looking through my picture collection on my laptop and there's a bunch of pictures that just blew my mind away. Can you say INSPIRATION?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 more days till Christmas


I love christmas...but this year I seem to have lost track of the christmas spirit
until today when i went to church...everything came back to me and I felt it again.
Holy moley.
Well anywho, I'm cooking christmas cookies right now. Hopefully I'll be able to personally give them to all my friends. YAY!
Then my sister said it would be cold outside so on goes the jacket.
I bought it from Forever 21 and from afar it looks like it's a leather motocycle jacket but on closer inspection it really isn't. hahah. But it's freaking warm. I love my ankle boots. Been trying to find another different kind of ankle boots but haven't been able to find one to my liking yet.
Me and my sister went to church and after we went to Downtown Riverside to see the Light Festival they have there every december. It's really pretty and festive. Everyone comes out and I must say there's a lot of cute guys too. HAHAH. And we also notice babies are getting cuter and chubbier by the year and I was very happy that I got to parade around in my cute little outfit. YAY ME!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fur in Fashion


So I was watching MTV tres today and an old mtv show came up talking about Beyonce.
And Beyonce is one of my favorite singers so I was intrigued
and then I remembered she has a fashion line out now called House Of Dereon with her mother.
So I looked that up to see what kind of clothes they sell cause before I've only seen them in magazine.
While I was doing this, I stumble upon an article that dissed House of Dereon and Beyonce because their clothing uses and has animal fur on it and a lot of animal activists wasn't happy about that at all.
I even saw a video they posted on how these fur are gathered and I got to say that video made me never want to wear fur again. (not that I wear real fur now)
Wow. You guys gotta see the video.

Not for the weak at heart...


So for all you aspiring fashion designers
keep this in mind when you design

Friday, December 21, 2007

My style, your style, New style, who's style?

"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.

John Fairchild quotes

Ahhhh.... Perfect quote for what I wanted to talk about today.
So I was surfing the net for different fashion forums and I stumble upon TeenVogue's fashion forum and I started to look around. I came upon a post of a young girl who have taken a picture of herself and an outfit she was wearing. She wanted to get people's opinion on how it looked. One person replied, "geez. did you really wear that?"
I had looked at the outfit myself and it was not that bad. It wasn't even extreme. I felt bad for that girl cause She must be feeling like she's not "fashionable" but that's not true at all.
For example, I thought of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who just last year was blasted and ridicule for their choice of outfits but now you see everyone with tight skinny jeans and platform shoes. A lot of celebrities are wearing giant tshirts looking like a hobo, the same style that MK and A. Olsen was made fun of for wearing.
That's just proof that fashion changes alot. IT's like a little kid unable to decide what they want at a candy store. Don't change yourself for fashion. No rather, Don't change your style for other people's definition of fashion. Just dress how you like and if it makes you happy. That's all that matters.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rain is winter in SoCal

I like this quote a lot cause whenever and wherever I go, I see fashion.

Well down here in Southern California, it's starting to feel like winter... finally! Although a lot of people don't like the rain, I like it. It brings coldness and that feels more like winter. I saw some snow on the mountains here in Riverside.
So with cold winter, comes great winter outfit ideas.
Go wild.
Bring out your boots
Bring out your jackets
Bring out your cute red gloves.
here's another cute outfit I would wear myself. You need a jacket, a scarf, a big guy shirt, some tights, and your favorite pair of boots.
a bomber jacket from Forever 21
with a shirt i found from Obey
I love graphics like this


and a little girly bracelet to balance it out
and put on your tights and favorite boots
and bam
you're ready to showoff your winter outfit.


Small people in the winter

Ahhh... so i decided since I like reading quotes so much, i would put one up on every one of my posts. Well at least try. This one i like very much cause people are always asking me why I'm dressed up so pretty sometimes and I'm just like, "cause it's monday....and I'm bored." Just enjoy fashion, that's what I think and if some people happen to like your sense of style then so be it. And if by any chance they don't then so what?!?

Anywho, on to the good stuff. Small people in the winter...
Since it's winter, there's a lot of layering so if you're petite, play around with more thin layer than thick. You can do thick but don't do too much and balance it out with thin layers.
For example:

The tights help to balance out the bulky jacket and she did all the bulky layers on top and just tights on bottom so she looks taller not shorter.

If you want to do more layering
You could try something like this:Here, she's going for more layers but still keeping the balancing rule.
You gotta balance everything out.
The lousy blouse, the giant jacket = the tight jeans and shoes
plus if you're a petite try to keep all the lousy fabric above your upper thighs.

Just a couple to observations for the small people
cause I always look like a walking coat hanger in the winter and I'm tired of that
I wanna look cute in the winter too..

Well good luck with and post up some of your creations for everyone to see it too.

Love, Miss3va

p.s. all pictures does not belong to me except for the ones that are stated so.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a Fashion business

So I'm very excited because I got a call for an LA fashion internship the other day
and the first thing that came to my mind was what I would be wearing to the interview that would both convey a sense of business professionism (don't think that's a word) and fashionista-ism.
I was thinking and thinking
and since I'm really into the high waist outfit this season. I figure I would go with something like this. A Betsey Johnson piece from Nordstrom. I always liked some of her outfits.

and here's a back view. It adds a little spice to the outfit. And the flowing fabric of the blouse works nicely with the stiff fabric of the skirt. It gives it a little balance. Very nice outfit and it's not very, how do I say, ordinary so that the employer would overlook you as a candidate. And god knows we don't want that.
Anywho, since I was working on the whole outfit I started to ponder what kind of hair style one should wear with this outfit. A Librarian bun will not do at all.
Ahhh... very sleek body waves is the perfect combo. Hit them hard. This hair style says IN CHARGE AND GOING STRAIGHT TO THE TOP. It also seem very sexy and professional at the same time.
And the last thing I would add to this since my outfit is very one color and my personality is I love a lot of color and patterns and detail. I have to add something to please my picky fashion soul.
So bam.....
a little wrist candy....

ahhh... now if I only put this much time and effort into school, I'd be an A student.
Here's wishing I get the internship. See ya next time.

First Impressions

hello all

so if you happen to stumble upon this little blogspot because you
were intrigued by the title then welcome welcome welcome.
A little info on myself:
My name is Miss3va and I go to the University of California, Riverside.
I'm president of a little club on campus called Artistic Compulsive Disorder
and I'm also a member of a fashion club on campus called Threads & Designs.
My major is Marketing and I'm planning to go to a fashion school after college. I just
haven't decided whether it's going to be in NY or LA yet.
Anywho I've started this little blog so I have a place to ramble on about random things
and have a recording of my thoughts because I'm a forgetful person and should write down all my ideas and thoughts before I forget them.... 2 minutes later. ahem.
My love for artistic stuff and music is a great impact on how I view fashion.
I guess you'll be the judge of that later on.
Well I hope you all will enjoy my ramblings in the future
and I hope my blog with be your daily dose of Fashion for the day.

Love, Miss3va