Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a chill day at 80degree

ah. Finally the weather is on my side. 80 degrees in riverside, CA today.
I wear my little short short and a dark purple top with a lacy detailed back.

Sorta look like what I was wearing but with less accessories and I wore my bright yellow tote bag with dots on it that looks a lot like sperms so me and my friends named it THE SPERM BAG. we're so creative.

I also wore my wedges but my sister said it was too dressy for school because it looked like
I was going to go out for dinner or clubbing. I was already at school so I shrugged it off and went
with it anyways. I could see some of the girls staring at me like "Why is she wearing that?"
because it was raining last week and sorta chilling but they understood why
when they stepped out of class and it was 80degrees at 11 in the morning. HAH!
and they were wearing heavy winter jackets. teehee.
I always yahoo the weather before I plan out what I'm going to wear the next day.

Me and my friend were just talking about how in Riverside there's no spring.
And that it's winter then summer and maybe one day in the year where the weather
is no too cold or not too hot. Ahh. I think it was today.

I'm checking out another fashion blogs and I've got to say kudos to them
they are so stylish and bold. wow.

Right now, I'm totally in love with reading Hot Chocolate and Mint
I just love her sense of style and optimistic view of everything. Go and check that out if
you got the time.

Anyways, I also went to the Mall with my friends just to chill and I wasn't going to buy anything
but ended up always buying something.
I bought a hat and a scarf. Hopefully I can get pictures of that when I do wear them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Damn creative evil demon

SO this quarter I'm taking a class called Ethics and The Meaning of Life
That class is like the epitome of philosophy.
Today we were talking about The Truman Show and how do we really know what we see is real?
what if it's just an illusion and we are just dreaming a really long deep dream and that nothing in this life is real?
Even perhaps that we are just a soul and that there's another soul in the universe called the Evil Demon who feeds us all this emotion and illusions to play around with us.
I started to think about and I think I see why scientists dont like philosophers.

But if this is a dream and there is an evil demon controlling my every thought and everything I see. Then I say Bravo you bastard.
You are one creative SOB.

Cause what I see....is fucking creative.


A pretty face is a pretty accessory

So as I was going through my pictures on my computer I realized I had a lot of
pictures of pretty girls but it was because they were pretty not because they had a outrageous sense of style or what not. Disappointing? I know! I'm ashame of myself also.
But I guess a pretty face is a very valuable accessory every girl wouldn't mind having.
I mean you can just wear a plain tee and jeans and you'll still look beautiful.
One girl in particular. I don't know if you know who she is or not
but her name is Song Hye Gyo and she's a korean actress.

I like her style but I'm not sure if it is her style or just what the directors and the fashion stylist tells her to wear. meh. Beautiful girl though.

Yuck. Last week it was warm and this week it's wet and chilly. Wtf?!?
I was wearing my black ankle boots yesterday and it was raining a little bit
so everyone kept asking me if I could walk in them and if I slipped yet.
Nope. I think if I walked all the way to school in them I can walk around school in them.

Sad thing is, I can't wear alot of my cute heels to school anymore because we got a ticket for parking on the sidewalk so my sister's not taking anymore chances so we have to get our ass up early and walk to school. I don't mind walking, I just wish I could wear my cute heels because wearing flats just doesn't cut it when you're 4"10 and a half. sniffle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A long week

ahhhhh wow
i haven't written on here for so long
cause damn was that a long week last week
The low of this past week was I finally got an interview at Heidi Merrick showroom
but had to cancel it because of family troubles.
The high was well... going shopping today to make me feel better.
Man. Riverside's weather sure is like a girl on her period.
Changes every second.
It was cold like last week and now it's hot like hell
so i went shopping for summer/spring clothes and I found myself leaning more towards comfort than looks because a lot of summery clothes look so pretty but in fact the fabric is so harsh on your skin so I opt for the more silky type that is simple so you can accessories more.
But with petite girls like myself, be careful how much you acessorize, it may just swallow you up.