Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain Rain go away... Dont come back or i'll kick your ass

Quote of the day:

Ahh... so it has been raining and little rain is okay but rain in general makes me feel like going
out in my sweats. Bleh. I feel like staying in and looking through my fashion magazine. Have I told you that Japan has the best fashion magazine. I mean I have various like Elle, Vogue, Nylon, Bazaar, Juxtapoz, and japanese magazines that I can read but love love love looking at the pictures.
lindsay lohan

So today I forgot to take a picture of my outfit again. Sigh and everyone was saying how kute it was. I really got to start making it a routine to take a picture before I change back into my sweats. Gack!

Anywho, I was wearing a sweater but no pants just toe tights underneath and a lacy top. Had my long hair extensions on too and I was wearing my new shoes that I love love love but kind of hurt my ankles. Sigh. Everything for the love of fashion.

My friend, Mike who is El Salvadorian and gets mad whenever we accidentally say he's mexican, was checking out girls today. Very obviously may I add. And my sister, Vy, was saying how that was totally okay with her when guys obviously check girls out because it gives them a boost of confidence.
I thought about that for awhile and it is very true.
We dress up and look cute and no matter how many times you say you don't dress up for other people, deep down inside you glow when someone compliments you or give you a 360 (a 360 is when someone turns their head 360 to check you out.) IT just makes you feel good and motivates you to dress kute (note: dressing kute but sticking to your personal style)
Even if we are not dressed kute, we love love love to be compliment by a 360 look.
Personally, I love it when my friends compliments on my outfits.
So even if it rains or pours, I will continue to dress up for class because that's the only chance I get to flaunt my although still developing sense of personal style.

If Ashley can look kute in the rain, so can I!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blow my smokes away, the wind did

Riverside Weather
So unpredictable
The reason I like to smoke is so I could watch the smoke rise up and away
but the freaking wind has made it fly a lot quicker. Damn
Speaking of which, I was talking to my friends about that
and I was like
"Cigs are like guys. You give them so much love and in return they give you fucken cancer."
We got a good laugh out of that.
Anyways, today was yet again WINDY.
The weather is trying to trick me I swear. I look outside and it's sunny and I plan my outfit accordingly and then bam, the wind hits.
It's alright though cause I was still kind of warm. I didn't go to class because I bumped into my good friend, Erly so we just wander around. Oh that's the life.

and here's the necklace I bought at Forever 21
This guy that I buy cigs from keep asking me to buy him one and I give him the weirdest look
and told him he should try something more for guys. LOL.
and then i went home and took a four hour nap.

Oh and I'm tryna come up with an outfit for these head bands I bought.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What they see vs. what I SEE


Just in case you guys can't read it, it says:

Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be But before you start pointing fingers. Make sure your hands are clean. By the passionate BOB MARLEY

I like this quote a lot because I'm just a quote whore but it fits with what I've been experiencing this week.
So Tuesday, I wore this really kute outfit that consist of a short dress and a little cardigan. I guess the dress was pretty short cause my friend Mike told me that he heard a girl call me a whore when we past by the Panda Express at my college.
I was shocked cause it wasn't like I was showing a lot of skin. So the dress was a little bit short but I'm a petite person and I was wearing flats.

And as I went to the mall with my sister, I felt girls maddogging me, perhaps because I changed to boots but I felt kind of weird.
Then it struck me. Why do I have to feel uncomfortable. I loved the outfit I picked out and a lot of my friends complimented it too. I mean, I love my legs and I'll flaunt it any chance I get.

I started to wonder.
Are girls afraid to be sexy because they're insecure or because they're worried about what people think of them?
Does it take a strong woman to wear what she likes with the whispering behind her back?
beyonce grey dress
My dress was like this short and sort of the same style.

Well anyways, it really did get me thinking
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shallow Hal wants a Gal.

Ahhh so recently I saw Shallow Hal on tv on some random channel i forgot but OMG
I love that movie. My favorite. It made me cry the first time I saw it. THat's right I said it.
I cried. So what? psh.
Anyways, after that movie is when I started to really like Jack Black. He's the ultimate sexy guy. HAHA. that's right, I said it. Jack Black is sexy as hell. He's funny and smart. What more would you want in a man? but calm down all you beautiful women out there. He's taken and expecting a baby.
But I'm always going to have a place in my heart for this man... everyone should.jack blackjack Black

Sexy bastard

ahhh I went to get a tattoo today and the guy wasn't a talkative guy at all but he was nice.
I find that if I talked more, the pain doesn't seem so bad. The artist is probably thinking
"WTF. why wont she shut up?" ahhah. oh well. I'm glad I got it but the guy did something different with the eyes and I thought it looks kinda stupid so when I get my next tattoo I'm going to tell the artist to shade in the eyes. FUN!

I got it on hip.My tattoo looks like this on my hips.
My second one will look something like this on my shoulder...

Fun times...
I was going to just put something up fashiony just because it's a fashion blog
but I don't wanna put up something half heartedly so I'm just going to put a picture that
inspires me in what I wear to school cause I always look at magazine and pictures to get a feel on what I want to wear.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Billion of girls' inspiration:

i'm no different


Thursday, January 3, 2008

When in doubt, wear a black dress

Ah. The next school quarter is here and back to school I go. Not like I'm complaining because that means more opportunities to dress up and look kute.
I realized when I turned 20 that I have to dress more grown up because I'm very petite and if you wear kiddy stuff you look even more kiddier. But I also want to have fun with dressing so whatever I feel like wearing I wear but I put on heels so I look taller and older. ahhah.

So anyways, we've all heard the phrase, "little black dress" well here it comes back again but this time it's , "long black dress". This is for those sophisticated nights.

I love the neckline on this dress and the flow. She looks like a black swan. Can ya feel me?

I don't know whether this is Ashley or Mary Kate but I love both because they're so inspiring to watch. Plus, they're the same size as me: petite.

Now, just waiting for an event to ever be able to wear those kind of dresses.