Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Long week

So I started my 2nd session of summer school and oh man am I pooped.
I have classes on monday and wednesdays only but I'm like at school from 11am in the morning to 8 pm. Jeez
and then I have work on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays for 6 hours.
Every minute I get I try to sneak in a few hours of sleep so even though I try to update this as much as possible, my body needs rest.
Don't get me wrong, I love writing on this blog. My eyes just refuses to stay open once I get home.
^___^ but I'm here now and that's all that matters.
Oh long neglected lover. lol

Anyways, this week I stumbled on Rihanna's new music video called Disturbia. and I must say
it is no longer the Rihanna we knew from the start. When she said she wanted to break away from the teen bubblegum image that producers forced her into, she was not kidding. But I think this is just sorta trying to hard to give out a "I'm a rebel" kinda of attitude.

I like her dark eyes and pale lips though. I want that black romper she's got on.

I like the costumes and everything but it seems like she's trying to hard to be "punk".
Sorry but I'm not sold.
Sometimes artists try to break away and then develop themselves into something completely different than what they started out with and you can tell, "yup that's what they were meant to be." but then other times, they just look like they're trying to hard to be different.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway season 5

So as many who knows me knows i love love project runway.
i have even started watching project catwalk, a version of project runway but in britain and it's hosted by kelly osborn. go figure.

Anywho, since my oh so nice room mate took her t.v. when she moved out of the house even though she didn't even need it, our house doesn't have t.v. therefore we cannot
i repeat
cannot watch project runway season 5
so every wednesday since last wednesday (lol) I've been running around trying to find any friends I have that's around that has bravo on their cable. Unfortunately not a lot do. So yesterday I managed to hunt down one of my friend who did have cable but was soon shot down
by the fact that his cable package didn't have Bravo. fudge!

So now like last week
I must resort to watching Project Runway episodes on youtube.
i mean it's nice because youtube doesn't have commercials
but somehow it isn't the same
That feeling of catching the action right as it airs just can't be replaced

Anywho, for all those of you who are faithful watchers
the asian guy got the boot last week
and I have yet to watch this week's episode.
very excited though
gotta go


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a Love Butterfly

An poem I wrote quite some time ago


Easy persuaded
A push over if you may

Thinking about it
always been a push over
No ideas
No thoughts
No demands
No plans
A just sit quiet girl
A yes m’am yes sir girl
But I’m done with that
I’ve had enough
Gotta get rid of that
mindset that I need to be what you want me to be
I need to just understand what you want me to see
I have to stay in this small box where I can barely breath
You need
To realize that perhaps I’m just a free spirited butterfly
With wings the size of Alaska
and ambition the size of…
… Of
Of Indescribable lengths.
Maybe I’m a person who wants to breathe love
To eat love
To drink love
To have love substitute my blood and have it run through my veins to keep me alive
To be so in love that I realize
That I don’t even need these eyes
To see that you love me so magically
Maybe I’m the type of person who wants to call you every night
Just to say good night
Maybe I'm the type of girl who wants our love story to be
the same as the love story in the notebook times three
Maybe I’m the type of girl who wants to heal your wounds and nurture your soul
And be the girl that everyone knows holds
The key to your heart
Eager to show you all I got
But you don’t want that
I love you so I close myself
And you build these big walls around me
You do it so well
So unknowingly you caged me
To the way you want me to be
Better than your exes
You want me to be
But I can’t be that you see
Cause the only thing I can be is me
And well who am i?
I’m just a butterfly
Who needs to be free
Who needs for love to fly with me

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 Things in Common

hello hello

sorry I haven't been updating alot

I guess I just haven't had anything interesting happening fashion wise

I've gotten so sleepy lately so every time I get a chance, I'm taking a nap.

well anyways I just realize as I sit here at work behind a desk, I like to take off my shoes everytime that i get too

don't get me wrong I love my heels, cant live without them but I think I'm a bare foot baby at heart.

Since I'm bored, I was surfing the net for things I love.

and came up with this list...

Things I love ^___^ :

1) The color WHITE

esp. white dresses


camilla and marc. flock

2) eye liner


makes everyone look pretty

3) beautiful heels

make any plain outfit complete.


I love this picture. The lights, the dress, the heels, the makeup, the hair.... sighhh

a lady must owe at least two heels: casual and dressy

add more for increased happiness

4) Spunky Dresses

Because one day, I will only own dresses.


A dress may look lifeless on the rack but on the right girl it comes to life.

5) Sexy Dress

Because a woman needs to feel like she's the sexiest thing alive


again the key here is the heels and makeup. If you wanna dress up, you need to go the whole 9 yard.

I just decided to make this list because I've noticed that alot of photos I save on my computer

has these things in common. and I always remember to look for these things when shopping

because you're at your prettiest when you're comfortable so whatever you purchase make sure you love it.

What are your 5 things?

Oh and random thought

I'm thinking of cutting my bangs like this. been slowly cutting it shorter and shorter everyday so I wouldn't over cut it. I might let my hair grow out more so it'll look better. Something like this:
what do you think?

Well I'll see you tomorrow friends, I'm going to take a nap.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So just got to work and nobody is here so I guess they're busy doing something elsewhere. obviously.
You know what, My boss is so funny.. everytime I come into work he keeps on asking me if I'm tired cuz I guess I come in looking a little tired but
most of the time I'm not. I appreciate how concern he is though. ^__^ I guess that's why I like asking people how they makes them feel good. lol.

Anyways, last night was another night of random fun. sorry no pics. I was wearing a really kute flowery dress I got a Forever 21 though. and my trusty black ankle boots.
I hanged out with my good friend Mike and Ching and we went to see Get Smart in theater. Okay. Get Smart was not that funny but I was laughing my ass off because my friend Ching has the funniest cutest laugh ever and most of the time I was just laughing at her. I mean, she started laughing in the introduction before anything has even happened yet. It was hilarious. Wish you were there. Then afterwards we hanged out at Starbucks for a while and smoked and then headed over to Yard House to drink some beer. I had Black Velvet. If you ever get the chance, you should try it. It's the perfect drink for girls.
Quote of the day was when Ching drank half an inch of the Cherry beer and then she leans over to me and whispers,

Ching: "My head is thumping now cuz of the beer."
Me: "Really you buzz after half an inch?"

I was rolling on the floor laughing. Ching is petite like me and she doesn't drink alot so I knew she didn't have that high of a tolerance for alcohol but really? 1/2 inch?!?

Anyways, I'm gonna stop making fun of her now.

After that we headed back to her apartment and sat on the balcony to smoke some more.
I headed home around 2 and went to sleep because I don't need sleeping pills to go to sleep, I just need me some beer.

Well that was my day yesterday, I really wish I took some pictures of my outfit cuz I wanted to but I didn't have a camera and Ching forgot to bring hers.

Well at work right now, I was looking through some fashion blog and found a website called PostSecret. If you've seen American Reject's music video, My dirty little secret, you'll know what I'm talking about.
It's basically people's secrets written on postcards and I thought I would share it with y'all the one I liked


Bought up my day... hope it brings up yours too.
^___^ Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That HAT is driving me mad!

argh i've had this hat that i bought from Wet Seal for months now and everytime I try to put an outfit together for it, I always end up disliking it so I'm totally clueless on what I should do with it
and then this morning my sister comes in and borrows it and goes to school with the hat and this really kute outfit. WTF?! That hat is playing with me. I just know it.


Is it weird to think a hat is playing with u?

ok I'll stop.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sea No Evil

Here are the pictures from the other night... my friend is very very quick with the uploading business.

The place we were at:
The lovely ladies who escorted me:
The Artwork:
Up on the roof where the booze keep coming and the cigs are always lit... It was the prettiest place. There was christmas lights on the fences and the weather was a perfect 80 degree at 11pm.
My friend Ching wanted to take a picture of me smoking and the smoke coming out of my mouth for it to look cool but her camera was too slow so it just looks like I was kissing the air. She kept making me redo it so I got a little light headed from puffing all that nicotine. Thanks Ching.

At the after party... there was a stripper in the bar next to us and my sister Vy and Ching went in to see if the party was bumping but they came out laughing cuz of the stripper. LOL! I want a stripper for a friend, they must have the most interesting stories.
Here's us just chilling drinking and smoking like the rest of the people there. haha.
I love my tights and my sister's outfit (the girl to the left of me) cuz i helped put it together for her because she never liked wearing anything besides jeans and a white tee. Now she has been enlightened to the lengthening effect of black tights and heels.

well that was our lovely night. Hands down the most interesting thing that has happened to us this summer so far.
Tah tah

Randomness leads to night of fun

"I'll listen to my music. The words flow through my brain and feeds on my sanity..."

oh my it was a very good day today. Urban art at its very best.
ahhhh... today i went to work and omg, it was so bad. You know how when you're dealing with a dumb person, you can't help but get mad. That was my day at work and I thought it would make my day pretty bad but when I got out of work at 230, me, V, C, and Ching just randomly decided to go to an urban art show in downtown riverside. We heard it was an urban art show but didn't know exactly where it was or when for that matter but we went anyways
and ended up at a quilt museum. LOL. that's right A QUILT museum.
that was .... hmm... interesting
then we finally found where the art show was held but it was only 3 and the art show doesn't start till 6 and we found a small italian looking restaurant in the middle of the museum.
Literally in the middle so we made reservations for 7pm and decided to go shopping and dress up
pretty and return for dinner and after hang around the artshow. So random!

but oh it was fun.
I spent $45 on dinner alone. I know I know. But it was a good experience.
Then we look around the art show.
OMG. I loved it because everyone there was dressed so urban and street but so pretty at the same time. Pretty girls, hot guys and everyone was so chill.
Just so you have a visual on how urban the guys were dressed like... something like this. Lots of Obey brands and LRG. I love a man with style.


Anyways after looking around at the artwork and gasping over the fact that some were worth our whole year paychecks,
Somehow we ended up on the roof and there was christmas light everywhere and smokers and drinkers crowded the place. I swore I saw some weed too but yeah. The drinks were free and they don't check your id.
We found a place to sit to smoke and started to make friends with a group that asked us for a cig.
They were so funny and was shocked when they heard we didn't know who Shepherd was because he was the one who was throwing the Art Show to raise money to save the ocean. LOL.
we told him we only heard about it the day of.
And an adventure ensued after but that story is for another day....

a picture of the art gallery...


more pictures with us actually in it to come... I have a habit of not bringing a camera and my friends does so I'll have to wait for the pictures....
It's 3 in the morning and Miss3va desperately needs her beauty sleep. muah. love yah and good night.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heart Quotes

Since my blog is called A Fashion Heart.
I thought it would appropriate to have Heart quotes... ^__^ with pictures to avoid boredom.

dramatic fashion
To hide the key to your heart is to risk forgetting where you placed it. -Timothy Childers

Today, see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those to whom you can give it easily, but also to those who need it so much.

"Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart."
~ Anthony D'Angelo

"Only time can heal your broken heart, just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs."
~ Miss Piggy

Louise Driscoll
Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go.

Helen Keller
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

fashion statement
Norman Vincent Peale
Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.

Henry Ward Beecher
It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

is it just me or my post titles are getting lamer and lamer by the second?
But i love it still.

anyways, i was just looking through some old pictures to see if I had any good pictures of
my outfits. i found some but they're not that good. I'll upload more outfit pictures soon because my
sister has the camera and I got to wait to get it back.
So lets take a walk down memory lane shall we?

Like my outfit? i'm trying to go for a german milk girl feel. lol

I still have this red purse. People would see it and they'd say, "wow that's really red." lol


sorry for the really blurry picture... this was around last christmas and i had this white scarf that was the warmest thing and you can't see my ankle boots but im wearing the same black ankle boots right now at work. ^^

hahahha. i included this picture cause i made the costume myself. The theme for the conference was superheroes so me and my friend Erly dressed up. I sew the arm bands and cape together the night before. i was really hungry as you can tell.

you can't tell but i'm wearing extensions for my hair and blue contacts for my eye. oh my. I'm so fake but i love the way i looked. lol. and i loved the color of the cardigan wit my yellow tank top. I was happy that day. I need to go buy more kute cardigans.

This was from 3 years ago, my first year of college. I was into the whole vest and buttons trend. I don't have that pink shirt anymore cause some lady said i looked pregnant in it so out the door that went. The big thing I'm carrying is my friend's snowboard. I had to carry it for him cause he said his back hurt from snowboarding all day. freaken liar. I almost fell over cause it was bigger than me.


well that's all the pictures I found. I got to look through my laptop for more.
Right now, I'm feeling so chill, I wish they had a couch at work so I can just lay down and sleep till 5pm.
I wish i was her but she isn't making any money. now is she?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

oh woe is me

i must be sleeping on the wrong side of the pillow or something
because my neck is hurting so bad
or is it because i spent about 2 hours looking at fashion magazine in a bent down position because
we had no where to sit at Borders because the employees told us sitting on the floor near the bookcase was a fire hazard. It's not a fire hazard cause if there was a fire we would be the first ones running, we wouldn't still be sitting there to get tripped over. lol.
so we resorted in sitting at the kid's section in their little chairs and table which surprisingly was
the perfect size for us since we may be in our 20s but all three of us were around 4'11. sigh.

Anyways, I thought pointing out that my neck is hurting would be an excellent excuse to show
Balenciaga's SS06 line.... with neck support and everything. And he added my favorite color: WHITE!





I love this dress.



I can see this whole collection in a Tim Burton movie or something, starring johnny depp.
It's so so romantic and Gothic at the same time. I love the little details on the dress and the way
the fabric just flows according to your every whim.
too poetic? ok i'll stop. lol
I would give my whole Sailor Moon trading card collection for one of these dresses. ^__^ ok so i used to collect anime trading cards. emphasizes on the words "used to".
Anyways, and of course the man behind the collection:
Nicolas Ghesquière

and till next time when i see something that sparks my interest. Ta ta for now!