Monday, August 24, 2009

Pasadena Forever 21

Went to Pasadena to visit their Forever 21 there. They do a great job of displaying the clothes there in colors and in style.
Plus it's 2 stories so there's a lot to choose from.

Something about taking posing pictures make me a little shy. :)

What I'm wearing:
Blazer: Forever 21 Cirque
Boots: Payless
White Tee, necklace: Forever 21

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shop By Outfit

As most of you know if you read my blog enough, most of my clothes
come from Forever 21.
I guess it's the fact that I don't like to spend to much on clothes and I feel like
Forever 21 is decently priced and you can usually find the basics there enough for you to mix and match.
The key is to mix and match though because a lot of girls shop there so you don't want to be caught at a party wearing the same dress as your friend.

A good tool if you are not really good at spotting a good outfit is to go on their Forever 21 website and go to Shop By Outfit. There, they put together pretty good outfits for you.
Another idea is to look at Celebrity styles in magazines and try to find an outfit that you like but then add a little something personal when you were it yourself.

Now keep in mind, that these are only training wheels to obtaining your own style,
you need to take off those training wheels some day and go out and try new things.
Be creative!
Be Adventurous!

Here are some of the outfits I like on the Forever 21 website...

I heart Graffiti Show

Went to a Graffiti show in Rialto. This is an old picture but I really liked the dress I wore so I'm posting it up.
This is when I had my long hair.

Totally amazed when I went to the graffiti show cuz the kids there were like 18-21 yrs old. Really young but they were really talented.

What I wore:
Flower Dress (Forever 21)
Flats (Payless Shoes)

Laces in different places


Went out for the night to LIV lounge in Pasadena. I swear I thought it was called UV lounge because the whole lounge was lit up by black lights...but anyways, my friend thought I was wearing a lingerie because my top was laced and it was at night.
I guess I can see the connection. :)

Kind of a bum because you had to go outside and behind the red ropes to smoke.
So much segregation

What I'm wearing:
Laced Top (forgot where I got it)
Ruffled Skirt (Forever 21)
Black Belt (Thrift)
Black Heels (Payless Shoes)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So earlier this week, I was talking to my friend and into the conversation we found ourselves talking about night clubs and going clubbing. My friend says that he believe every girl goes out because they want that attention and they want guys to hit on them. I, on the hand, objected. I don’t know about all girls but I go out to have fun with my friends and we love to dress up because we want to feel great. He doesn’t agree with me because he thinks that if we never got hit on, we wouldn’t feel so great about going out.

I don’t know about you guys, but after you been going out for awhile and I’ve been clubbing my fair share when I was younger (I mean I was going clubbing like 3 times a week), you get tired of impressing others. You want to wear whatever you think is beautiful and if someone so happens to comment on how lovely you dress, that’s even better.

I do agree with my friends that the couple of times you first start to go clubbing, that’s your mindset but then it becomes rather mudane as you realize that the guy criteria for being sexy is having your breast show and your legs bare.

When you come to realize this, you start to dress whichever why you want. If you want to feel sexy with a mini skirt, then wear a mini skirt. Who is to tell you you’re ugly or you’re a slut?

I think as long as you know what your true motive is behind wearing such an outfit is, then it doesn’t matter what people may conjure up in their minds about you.

Just an advice though, if you want to dress chick and fashionable, don’t waste it on clubbing. It’s dark and sweaty. If you want to dress up, you could go to a Jazz bar or a social lounge. You can even just go to a fancy dinner. That’s what me and my friends try to do once a month. We love to dress up and it makes you feel like such a grown up if you have plans for the weekend.

Also another note... I like how easy it is for guys to label a girl a hoe.

Must be nice to be a guy. lol