Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chill days

Chill days are harder to come around the older you get.
I'm going to be so busy this quarter.

Today, i went to the mall and chill at our local coffee shop.

got a new camera for christmas
so i got to take the new camera out for a run.

A chill outfit for a chill day:

then took a picture of my sister... thought she looked pretty kute for a 13 years old.. lol

Monday, December 22, 2008

2mex and a fight

ahhh... so here's the story
me and a couple of my girlfriends went to a 2mex Christmas concert yesterday at the Regent theater in LA. Was totally pumped up to see him perform. There was about 10 other performers there too so it was like 1am when he performed and he came on stage and did like one song and a fight broke out in the back and he was telling them to stop but they didn't so the management told everyone to get out cuz the group fighting was throwing chairs and shit.
sigh. I was sooo disappointed. waited since 7pm to see him perform so i was cussing all the way to the car. jeeza. I was dressed so cute too. sigh didn't even get a chance to take any pictures.
I'm telling you there were too many guys in there that's why. And a lot of guys and a lot of alcohol never goes very well together.
I guess I should've seen it coming, it IS a hip hop show in LA. something was bound to happen.

It just sucks because I was really looking forward to that concert. hmph.

I put together an outfit just for fun of what I usually would wear: urban hip hop style. lol. well at least how I interpret it as.
I think it's kute.

anyways, on the brighter note. I'm going to be heading out on a roadtrip on the 26th with a couple of friends. We're going to drive up to San Fran. It should be fun. Hopefully I get a new >.< camera for christmas cuz my camera is broken. Hence the thick paragraphs and no photographs of my outfit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 days till xmas

sorry for not updating. had finals and shit to do
but i'm here now and that's what matters. haha.
Anyways, just an update. I got into FIDM. other people might say it's not a big deal and that everyone gets into FIDM but I'm happy because although small, it is still a big accomplishment in my heart.
anyways, last week went out for a celebration with my girls.
This one guy tried to flirt with my friend and asked her why we were so happy and she said because we're celebrating because I got into FIDM and he said really like it's not big of a deal. and that's when my friend stopped talking to him. lol. that's what you get.
The cars passing by must be like wat a bunch of camera whores. but i needed a full outfit shot.
love love love my stereo purse. it plays music. woot woot.

i feel used. hehe

waiting for the bus at 2 in the morning.

i can't wait for the 21st cuz i'm going to a 2mex show in LA
9 more days till xmas