Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sun Child

Summer means melted ice cream, sunblock, and the sun child in everyone coming out to play.
We put away our tights and bring out the shorts.
Our pale skins finally get to see the light of day
But regardless of all of this, we still don't have a clue of what to wear.

Well what I like to do on days like this where I'm disgusted at my small sized closet.
I don't go out and buy more summer clothes
I try to come up with different outfits from the clothes I already have.
Saves money, Expands your creativity

One thing I like to do is go on and snoop around to see if anything is of my taste.
because some days you just need a little help and inspiration to get your outfit going.

Something about PacMan just puts a smile on my face and the color are mucho appropriate for the weather. Remember black attracts and colors reflect heat.

But if you do decide to wear black because you just love black so much you cant even go one season without wearing it like me. ^___^ you would want to wear light fabric and like this lovely lady who shows just enough skin but not too much.

As much as I love black and white, I love bright colors and bright color dresses are just precious.


well if you want to see more pictures and find your own taste, go on and do snoop around there for inspirations.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Imaginary Shopping

About 3 nights ago, I was chilling in my room looking disappointedly at my closet because I was trying to think of what to wear the next day and I couldn't come up with anything so I just gave up knowing full well that I would think of something the next morning. I guess it's just something about the urgency to get to school on time that gets my fashion veins flowing. lol.

Anyways, my roommate walks in and asks me why I'm staring at my closet.

Me: I'm mad at my closet

Roomie: *laughing* why?

Me: I need to go shopping for new clothes.

Roomie: *looking at my overstuffed side of the closet and then at her barely there side*
Are you kidding me? You have too much stuff. You need more? You must spend all your money on clothes and shoes huh?

Me: *thinking of a way to answer that so I don't sound materialistic.*

End of convo. lol.

So since I'm strapped for money and spent my last paycheck on rent and bills.
I thought I would go imaginary shopping. Picking out stuff I will buy when I have enough money.
It's sad I know but it makes a great post topic

I picked Topshop for the store I'm shopping cause I don't like walking around from store to store too much. hehe

I'm really into these long strap purses that hang across your chest.

Leather Satchel Cross Body

purple body con mini skirt
Because you can dress it down or dress it up

Stripe Tails Jacket
Love it. Just wear a cute white dress underneath with it unbuttoned
Opposites attract

While looking in Topshop, I found out they had a section for Petite figure. It actually says for people 5"4 and under. LOL. I'm loving Topshop right now.

Petite Tokyo Flower Frill Top
It says top but I'm purti sure its going to be a dress on me.

Petite Oversized Smiley Shirt
For those days where everything is going wrong except for your outfit ^_^

I heard they were opening up a Topshop in New York. I am very jealous. After New York I hope they expand enough to open up a Topshop in LA. It would be my new Forever 21.

Ahhhh... All day of imaginary shopping has gotten me beat.
I think I'ma go take a nap.
nite y'all.

Conversation Starters

It's kinda sad that summer is not even over yet and I'm thinking of what to try in the winter.
I've been seeing a lot of knee high socks and I think I might just give it a try
Something like this probably....

spotted at

Lulu from

But of course I'm gonna wear heels because at my height, I just cant afford not to.
oh dear no.

So I'm finally posting a picture of when I wore my Oxford Cut outs. They are soooo comfortable.
Doesn't look like it but they are. I wore them to clubbing in vegas and danced from 11pm to 3am and they were just a little sore. That is a very good sign.
And A lot of girls compliment them when I do wear these babies and you can never have too many conversation starters especially if it's about shoes.
I went to a bar last thursday wearing these and a girl complimented them and of course me being too happy for my own good told her they were from Payless Shoes and she was shocked but she told me not to tell anyone that anymore because my shoes looked like they were 10x more expensive. LOL. ok Thanks for the tip.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Boys Boys Boys

I've wanted to do a post on how guys should dress and I even started a list but deleted it because it was soooo opposite of what I tell people. When people ask me about fashion advice or rules, I always tell them to dress whatever ways make you feel comfortable because it'll show on your face and give you confidence. In fashion, following rules is irrelevant because if everyone followed rules, we wouldn't have new trends and fabs. We wouldn't have different decades of fashion. We would only have rules and how boring is that?

Oh that reminds me of a conversation I had with this one guy I met in Las Vegas. He seemed cool and everything but upon further conversation I realized he's cute but he's close minded.

Vegas dude: You know I used to go to a fashion school.
Me: Oh yeah. How cool
Vegas dude: Yeah I used to dress my ex. she was such a mess before she met me. She was wearing flip flops
Me: Maybe she's comfortable in flip flop.
Vegas Dude: ...and when we were together I glammed her up and everyone was saying what a good job I did. You wanna hear some tips?
Me: Sure. (very hesitate)
Vegas Dude: You have to match your belt with your shoes and your shoes with your purse.
Me: you have to? I've seen girls look really kute with different shoes and belt
VD: you have to. You know why I always take my ex shopping and buy her really expensive stuff. Because girls need that... (he went on about designer clothes and shoes and stuff he buys that are 500+)
Me: I think girls would like that but they don't need it. For example, I have no designer clothes in my closet and most of my shoes are from payless and I live paycheck by paycheck but I can honestly tell you I'm happy because I have great people beside me and that is what a girl needs.

end of conversation

After that vegas dude didn't call me as often
and I'm glad he doesn't because I'm really bad at turning people down. Something about making people sad makes me feel like crap.

anywho, the moral of that whole conversation is Vegas dude was a really good dresser but he lacked what girls want. They want a guy who respects them, make them think, and make them laugh. If you can do all three of that, you can get any girl.


Ok, so I'll admit the first thing that I look at when I look at a guy is how they dress.
Don't get me wrong, guys need to click with you and have chemistry with you. They can't be all looks but lets just pretend they do have the chemistry, now you're looking at how they dress.
These are just my preferences because I like urban street wear but if I was a guy this is how I would dress.

Travy G of

I love graphic tees.


Ronnel P. of

I think I understand why guys spend so much on jeans. The jeans gotta look right or everything goes wrong.

You can go look at more outfit on LOOKBOOK.NU
I spend a lot of my time on there just checking out guys' outfit and getting some ideas from girls' outfits on there.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We were born, we live a little, and then we die...

A piece for the mind, written by yours truly


We were born, we live a little, and then we die

I am the child of love
made by love nurtured by love
I ran with the herd of ambition
I wrestle with the discriminations of others
the child of the great kings of the east
who only dreams for the greatest things in life
my blade pierces only the weakest of heart and mind
my armor made the the god of war but perfected by the god of love
I walk into battles with the strongest army
consisting only of those who knows me best
I fight for everything you've given up so easily
because i know

we were born, we live a little, and then we die

I don't need anyone by my side
To know I don't regret anything I've done
And the whole world can take his side
And tell me I'm the one
To blame
My friends will take your side
But no one needs to be by mine
For me to understand
I was right to ask for more

We were born, we live a little, and then we die

And mediocre things just can't fit in this life
Of mine where I was born, I live for while, and then I will die.
And you said I'm not a priority
And that's enough for me
To understand
But baby you gotta know
This life of mine is short
So every moment of enchantment and fascinations
And every moment that has caused a slight palpitation in my heart
I'll remember
But every moment that has cause a single tear run down this face of mine
This face of mine that's scarred with my lesson learned
I'll forget
I'll remember to forget you
I'm not going sit in a lonely corner recollecting
replaying everything
And if there was a place in the universe where people came
after death to release their memories into the solar system
Where it will burn up, explode and become the billions of stars we see in the sky
I'll be there in line with my bucket full of memories of you

We were born, we live a little, and then we die

And the life I want to live should be nothing short of extraordinary

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ahhhhh summer go away

Is it bad that i'm already getting very tired of su
mmer, especially summer in Riverside where it's still hot at 8pm.
Im yearning to be able to wear a jacket or blazer. I dream about wearing my black tights. Im hallucinating about winter clothes. I want to be able to wear all black again.

i know once it's winter and the cold wind comes, I'm gonna be missing summer.
I mean that's human nature right? you don't really miss something until it's gone and you realizes
how much you didn't appreciate when it was there in the first place.

so i guess i'll stop complaining and enjoy whatever is left of summer heat because once October peeks its head around the corner, it's gonna be a very cold winter.

So summer...
i'm trying to be really creative about how I wear my stuff this summer. i don't want to be someone who just throws on shorts and a tank top but most of the time I end up doing that being its so hot outside. The only time I actually get to wear pants is when I go to work because I'm in an AC ventilated place for 6 hours.

oh i'll think of something...
in the mean time..

don't you wish flowers bloom from yourself everywhere you walked
i do
just a random thought

my friend, erly, is in the UK right now studying abroad. and she knows like i like looking at graffiti so she has been taking pictures for me. what a great pal. true friend.and i love all the pictures. brightens my day.

i think i'll get back to drawing now. i stopped for a long time. 3 months? that's a long time for me to go without drawing something.
it's about time to go back.